Speakers were selected in 2020 out of hundreds of applicants and spent weeks honing their TEDx talks, which were then recorded in the studio of TEDxTemecula partner JDS Video and Media Productions on Sept. 26. The recorded talks are being presented to the public in free online events, one talk each week. Attendees are then invited to discuss the ideas presented in the talk with the speaker, the event host and each other.

Each Watch Party broadcasts live at 7 p.m. PST. They are free and open to the public. Upcoming speakers are:

Heather Conklin, who talks about building trust in science given the partisan divide, a timely topic amid the pandemic and the announcement of coronavirus vaccines. (Dec. 8)

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, who talks about how architecture can help keep school shooters and other bad actors from completing their goals. Sadly, it’s an all too frequent occurrence, and one of the cases he references is the 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino. (Dec. 15)

Dan Pettus, a veteran photographer who used to have a studio in Temecula, reveals the importance of adapting to change — skills especially useful today in a constantly changing world. (Jan. 5)

Dr. Ernst Schwarz, a heart transplant cardiologist from the LA area who also has a practice in Murrieta and connections to UC Riverside. He talks about his work in stem cell based clinical trial studies to develop therapies for the treatment of disease and prevention. (Jan. 12)

“We’re delighted to be able to present these wide-ranging and timely talks in a virtual format,” says McLaughlin. “These are thought-provoking topics that we think our audience will find relevant to our region and their own lives.”

Register for 2020 Watch Parties at https://bit.ly/2IkWC2L.

Learn more about TEDxTemecula and see past talks at www.tedxtemecula.com.

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