From conference realignments to image and likeness agreements, the college football landscape is shifting, and the Inland Empire’s top high school recruits have an updated
playbook to navigate.Continue Reading

This month, many Inland Empire students are heading back to school, embarking on a new year that will lead them one step closer to their future plans, even if they aren’t quite sure what those are.Continue Reading

Since its launch in 1988, 49,000 students have taken part in the Spotlight program that helps them develop their performance abilities, learn about careers in arts management and receive valuable college preparedness and workforce readiness skills to pursue their dreams in the performing arts. Continue Reading

The School of Entrepreneurship, housed in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, further places CSUSB as a leading entity in the growing field of entrepreneurship education, said Mike Stull, a professor of entrepreneurship and director of the university’s Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, who will serve as the school’s director.Continue Reading

The Norco College team pitched the idea of utilizing virtual reality and user interface, making use of simple hand signals for astronauts to activate responsesContinue Reading