Participants can join a Zoom event and taste each savory treat prepared with California native plants and learn about their culinary uses, cultural legacies and health benefits. California Botanic Garden is partnering with As You Like It, one of the Garden’s preferred caterers, and Abe Sanchez of the Chia Café Collective (CCC). CCC is a group of local tribal members and collaborators that honors indigenous people and their vast traditional knowledge and spiritual relationship to the land, as well as the nutritional and medicinal bounty of native plants.

Event registrants will be able to pick up a box of four unique savory snacks made with native plants, including desert seed crackers, sage pesto, saltbush (Atriplex) seasoning condiment (with a package of gourmet, unsalted microwave popcorn to sample it on), and a mesquite flour baguette with tepary bean and oreganillo bruschetta. Within the box will be recipes, tasting notes, and instructions for joining the private virtual tasting event via Zoom on November 14 from 6 pm to 7 pm. The virtual event will include a keynote address from Abe Sanchez of CCC. Caterer As You Like It will share some of their experiences in crafting these delectable foods. Abe will share insights about the nutritional aspects, flavors and cultural relevance of the included plants. California Botanic Garden staff will share the ecological importance of each species and how people can include these plants in home gardens to provide sustainably harvested ingredients.

Cost is $45 public or $60 VIP. Visit the website to register:

Pictured is Cleveland sage (Salvia clevelandii) that the garden is using to make the pesto. Photo by Garden volunteer Deb Woo.

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