Peter Usle started Friends of the Prado Dam Mural in 2014. Together the organization has worked with The Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy to keep the Bicentennial Mural on the Prado Dam Spillway.

“We have worked with Congressman Ken Calvert’s office, along with Riverside County Supervisor Karen Spiegel, Riverside County Flood, and the Army Corps of Engineers, and are happy to say the mural is green lit for a repainting come March 2023. The old lead removal on the spillway will start being removed in October,” Usle said

“The Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy is a 501(c)3 that will raise the needed $150,000 in order to repaint the mural,” Usle continued. “They will also be working with the Mural Conservancy of L.A. We are also proud to say Dunn Edwards Paint, along with Rustolium, will be donating some 750 gallons of paint for the project.

For updates and information on how the public can help, visit

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