Pageant Contestant

What is the People’s Choice category? It’s a fundraiser for Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL), a nationally recognized and award-winning animal rescue nonprofit. You can vote for your favorite pageant contestant by making a donation of at least $5 which goes to OBOL. The contestant who collects the most donations will advance to the United States National Pageant in Las Vegas. Go to

How did you become involved in the beauty pageants? I am the third generation of professional models in my family. My purpose is to reflect a positive role model and represent diversity in fashion and the beauty industry. 

Which community organizations are you involved with? The Riverside Community Health Foundation’s The Pink Ribbon Thrift Shop, The Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Bryan Davids Brothers Foundation, which I founded. 

What is its mission? It was inspired by my son who had a major speech delay and was bullied. The foundation’s vision is to help spread awareness of boys ages two through 12 with any speech delay, language, and voice disorders. 

You’re also a motivational speaker. What message do you like to share? I like to inspire people to know who they are and their purpose in life. Also, to remind them to not stop believing in or give up on their dreams. Be uniquely you always! I believe that with God, all things are possible to overcome  — keep the faith! 

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