“I decided to write this book to find the purpose in my experience,” said Ashley. “Writing a children’s book was a way to share my NICU baby experience with others and, along the way, help people going through similar situations. This book will help parents explain to brother or sister why new baby hasn’t made it home yet and what they can do to help out.”

“Kaci’s Adventures” takes the reader through the NICU as Kaci meets doctors and nurses, receives visits from her parents and siblings, and tries to accomplish three things: eat on her own, breathe on her own and weigh at least five pounds. Kaci observes her parents washing their hands before they visit her, gowning up and taking extra precaution to keep all the NICU babies safe. Through it all, Kaci makes her way home as a NICU graduate, proud of her accomplishments.

Ashley had several inspirations to write the children’s book.  She found strength in her family’s support to share the story of Kaci’s experience in the NICU.  The NICU community, their journeys and stories, also gave Ashley the confidence and motivation to put her story on paper.  Kaci, now 4 years old, is full of joy and loves to sing and color.  

Learn more at www.kacisadventures.com

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