Hundreds of military heroes across 14 cities, including the Inland Empire, received a letter in honor of Veterans Day personally delivered by volunteers through no-touch drop-offs. 

These hand-written letters submitted by local residents joins VITAS Healthcare’s portfolio of veteran programs as a part of its “Write-A-Vet” initiative.

“Veterans always deserve our thanks and praise. We just hope the letters give an added sense of comfort for them,” said a company publicist.

“Due to the many challenges of COVID this year and many of these elders being deprived of human interaction, VITAS Healthcare saw the need to make sure veterans who live at assisted care facilities could receive a tangible recognition that lets them know their community is thinking of them and acknowledges their sacrifice.

“Additionally, VITAS provided long-term care, assisted living and nursing home partners supplies like a personalized 2021 veterans certificate of recognition, a US flag pin and event program instructions so the staff from those facilities could conduct their own individual ceremonies to recognize their resident veterans.”

More than 200,000 veterans live in the Inland Empire and make up 4.6 percent of its population, according to the company.

Pictured: 93-year-old Marine Veteran Louis Boria opens a personal, hand-written letter thanking him for his service. Louis served in the Battle of Leyte with General Douglas MacAuthur and the Battle of Inchon Reservoir in Korea.

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