If you’ve been to any of the most popular theme parks, you’ve seen the animatronic creations made by Garner Holt Productions, Inc. Their impressive ability to bring characters to life with mechanical magic and technical wizardry is what makes us feel like we’ve been swept out of our day-to-day lives and dropped into one of our favorite stories. Garner Holt Productions, Inc., has created these experiences for millions of theme park guests in more than thirty countries on six continents.

Now imagine that same theme park magic infused throughout the school day. This is precisely what Garner Holt Productions, Inc., has done with the creation of Garner Holt Education through Imagination, a STEAM learning and career exploration company inspired by the company’s 43-year history. Where other STEM or STEAM programs may be successful in teaching these subjects individually, animatronics seamlessly blend science, technology, engineering, art, and math and require the talents of many artisans and technicians representing over 50 promising career paths.

Combining animatronics with state-of-the-art learning environments, Garner Holt Education through Imagination has created the ideal STEAM laboratory for schools. This custom designed classroom, which is called the AniMakerspace, brings a level of fun and entertainment to learning complex concepts and represent a significant step forward from the traditional makerspace.

The AniMakerspace is a miniaturized version of the Garner Holt Productions, Inc. factory. By leveraging the skill and knowledge of their experts, Garner Holt Education through Imagination designs powerful and effective hands-on learning experiences that ignite creativity, inspire imagination, and results in increased levels of student engagement, hope, and achievement.

The AniMakerspace gives students the opportunity to practice different models of design thinking through real-world experiences that enliven the continuously evolving relationship between science, engineering, robotics, the arts, manufacturing, and automation.

The most rewarding thing for an educator is to see students enjoy learning. The AniMakerspace is what gets students excited to come to school. The best thing about the AniMakerspace is that no matter what career students go into, they are learning valuable 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Fore more on Garner Holt Productions, Inc. and the AniMakerspace, see www.garnerholteducationthroughimagination.com

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