If your home needs a pick-me-up, Christina “Chrissy” Jones can help. “Your home contributes to your family life, productivity and overall success. When your home is in order, it reflects outwardly in all that you do,” says Jones, founder of Twenty-Eighth Design Studio, a full service interior design firm in Riverside. Jones says a quick and easy way to freshen up your home is to start with paint. “Painting a room a neutral or even deeper tone can immediately change a room’s vibe, either making a room more airy or moody. Whichever way you go, painting is a cost effective way to instantly update a space.” As for paint color trends, Jones says there are a few that will have a major impact on design in 2023. “They derive from the theory that bringing the ‘outside’ in (consisting of organic fabric, materials and textures) contributes to our moods and well-being,” she says.

Colors the industry is buzzing about include deep blues, olive greens, deep teal hues, terracotta, browns and warm whites. “These hues provide an organic element to a space, with all of the tones being pulled from nature,” she says. But when choosing a paint color, be care- ful not to go overboard. “While someone may have a favorite color, this doesn’t mean it should be everywhere,” Jones says. Part of the design process she undertakes with clients is “taking a deep-dive into how the client lives and functions. Based on our client intake, we start to come up with a design concept, with paint actually being the last selection,” she says. Jones starts with selecting key furniture or art pieces, “which helps to identify which way we are going with the color palette.

The last thing we want our clients to do is select pieces based off of a paint color. Therefore, I always urge clients to choose a color that complements a favorite piece. In every project, I make sure we are testing the selected paint in the home, in several different areas so that we can see it in different lighting. This also allows my clients to live with the color for a few days, so that we make the best selection possible.” For anyone considering a paint project, Jones says to remember mood and function. “For example, if it’s a kitchen, do you want a bright and airy mood or an intimate dining mood? For an office, do you want dim and focused or a bright and energetic office space?

Take your time, and always remember to test your paint on your walls,” she says. In addition to paint, Jones says another project to consider could be renovating a powder room or primary room bathroom. “This type of project not only upgrades your living experience, but also can help increase your home’s value,” she says. “Whichever project you choose, I strongly recommend starting with one small space so that you don’t feel overwhelmed too quickly.” But first, you’ve got to clear the clutter. “Toss anything you haven’t touched in months (or years). Then do a deep clean of whichever surface you are about to paint. Remember to choose colors that you can stand to look at for the next five years or so. For the final touch, update the hardware (brass is highly recommended),” she says. “I love that through design you are contributing to someone’s well-being and life functionality,” Jones says. “This is why I always say I am in the business of wellness.”

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