Reach Southern California's
Fastest Growing Market

1 of 5 Regional Magazines in Southern California

Inland Empire Magazine, like Los Angeles, Orange Coast, San Diego and Palm Springs Life, has distinguished itself as the premier publication in one of the nation’s fastest growing markets. Each month we deliver a comprehensive mix of articles, reviews and listings to keep readers up-to-date on what’s happening in our own backyard. Inland Empire Magazine. Shedding light on the issues. Recognizing the movers and shakers. Showcasing the best of our region. Put more life in your life…with your magazine.

Affluent Professionals

The key to building your customer base is to reach individuals with discretionary money to spend. Our strategic circulation works.

Strategic Circulation

Paid circulation is the key. People value and read what they pay to receive or buy on the newsstand. Our success comes in providing readers with just the right combination of entertainment and education that motivates them to subscribe, buy it on the newsstand or pick it up to read in the doctor's office. Your message gets read right along with us.

Regional Reach

We know getting people in your door is important. We stragically control our area of distribution to reach 255,000 readers within 27 minutes of your front door.

Added Bonus

For businesses that want to reach out-of-town guests, we have 5,000 copies in major hotel rooms in the area!

Digital Too

Increase your exposure with opportunities for online, Facebook and more!

Affordable Rates

At the end of the day we are still a community magazine and want community businesses to be able to afford to do business with us. Because we are a paid circulation magazine we have additional income sources and can keep our rates affordable.

Call or contact us now to see if we reach the right audience for your business!


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